AES EVENTS GROUP TEAM is dedicated to our commitment and support to our CHARITY CHILDREN IN Raising money to build a SCHOOL....

Sometimes in life you have to sit back and think ‘how lucky you are’ everyday life can bring demanding challenges wherever you live, although clean water and food, can help most people through their day to day challenges…Well this is not always the case in AFRICA and some of the children who are sponsored within our Charity don’t have day to day luxuries and struggle daily to live, fighting for clean water, and food…

AES GROUPS Support to these children is an ongoing battle to raise awareness and support to these children and to help bring a better standard of life that most of us take for granted….

So How Does AES EVENTS GROUP helps these Children?

  1. We donate 50.00€ of each Rental Contract we have to our Charity Fund,
  2. We offer a donate button page on our website page for individuals or companies to be able to donate
  3. We run sponsored Events in the south of France to raise sponsorship funds for the Charity
  4. We are committed to raising over 200.000€ to build a School for up to 500 children by 2016
  5. Starting in September 2012 AES EVENTS GROUP will host a GALA DINNER in Cannes to raise awareness and funds for our CHARITY. For more details on the GALA DINNER and reservations email us :
  6. We donate unwanted or outgrown clothes and shoes to our Children in Africa...

We ask you to take time to think about these children and how a small donation can help them build a better life, with food, clean water, and an education to help them build a life of comfort

AES EVENTS GROUP a committed partner to Official Charity Number

Charity Ref No: XR23 866
Company Reg: NI33 513 For More information on the work of AES EVENTS GROUP and ABAANA visit the website

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Our Commitment to AES EVENTS GROUP and providing a quality service to our Clients and Guests is a very important factor in our Ambition, However one part our lives does hold a high level of commitment and that’s our work within our Charity.

We understand the difficulties of living in certain areas of Africa, and as a Company AES EVENTS GROUP team are committed to raising awareness and funds to be able to help these under privileged children have a better life…..

We ask you to help us reach our GOALS so please think about making a donation and register to our Newsletter to keep updated on amounts raised and information on AES EVENTS GROUP support in Africa…

Thank you for your time and support Make a comment about our Charity work here:

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