AES ACCOMMODATION LTD and AES EVENTS GROUP are a professional rental company offering apartment rentals to clients who attend one of the several congresses held in Cannes each year

If you are attending one of the congresses held in CANNES its important that you understand how the congress organisers operate and here at AES ACCOMMODATION LTD and AES EVENTS GROUP feel it important to offer our clients advise on certain aspects of attending the congress in regards to your accommodation reservation.

It is apparent that the congress organizers invest millions of euros in the organization of providing the congress and therefore ensure that attending the congress you register all your delegates with the congress organizer, this giving you access to the Palais des festival where all the exhibitors are situated and where your business can be done

We insist that all clients of AES ACCOMMODATION LTD and AES EVENTS GROUP hold a registration badge en order to book accommodation

AES ACCOMMODATION LTD and AES EVENTS GROUP are not an affiliated accommodation provider of all congress organisers ( click here for more details ) however our respect and professionalism to the congress organisers we don't want to provide accommodation to clients who don't have the intention of registering for the congress through the congress organizer.

We have up most respect for the congress organisers and feel it's important we as a business support the organisers in the policing of clients attending the festival without official registration to the congress

En order for AES ACCOMMODATION LTD and AES EVENTS GROUP to ensure this we add the term in our contracts " Please note that accommodation for any of the festivals clients must be a registered delegate or exhibitor, failure to prove this on request by AES ACCOMMODATION LTD or AES EVENTS GROUP could effect your reservation.


" There is no business that can operate when giving away free products, and most business operators would find a way to ensure products and services are charged, so its important that business respect the work and investment congress organisers commit to and register as a paid customer, if you are attending the congress to profit your own business "



In the past 4 or 5 years Cannes has become a hunting ground for what we call " SCAMMERS" there is fraudulent operators who have one goal and that is to steal money from reputable companies who are looking for Accommodation services during one of the many CANNES CONGRESS.

How to these scammers work? Well they build a website and take photos from other websites to create property profiles that they can market to clients

They market the property at a very low and competitive rate to entice the client to thinking they have found a very good option and with the current financial situation its quite normal a low priced apartment or villa looks attractive

They then take your deposit a 25% or 50% once you have paid this money their job is done they have no intentions of supplying the accommodation or even contacting you for the balance payment and in fact they are offering the same property to many different people and taking the deposit from everyone with no intention of delivering the property leaving you stranded and out of pocket

A lot of these SCAMMERS work through portals such as HOMEAWAY or OWNERS DIRECT making false property adverts and even intercepting emails to the real property owner

So in a nutshell how do you know you are not been SCAMMED?
When deciding on renting a property the only 100% guarantee is to reserve through an official member of IPRAC. IPRAC stands for International Property Rental Approval Certification and all members have been vetted and approved by IPRAC and supply a series of documents and proof of ownership of the property All rental payments to IPRAC members are 100% guaranteed against Rental Fraud so to be 100% sure book your accommodation through and IPRAC member If your accommodation provider is not an IPRAC member then use the following check list to ensure you are making the relevant checks to secure your rental payments, but as Fraudulent operators are fast becoming equipped to deal with all your reservations, there is no 100% guarantee so ask your accommodation provider to JOIN IPRAC why would they not its an official body for short term holiday and business rentals LOOK OUT FOR THE IPRAC LOGO AND RENT WITH CONFIDENCE

1. Look at the website they are using as a marketing tool ensure that it has a company, telephone number, company registration number either in FRANCE or UK

2. Always make sure you speak with the person by telephone on the numbers provided on the website

3. Ask them to send their Company insurance and Company registration papers

4. Look at the professional profile of the person or company on Linked In ensure they match the person they are claiming to be and that there profile registers to activities that correspond to apartment rentals

5. Look at the website clearly a lot of the scammers will not go to a lot of trouble developing a high content website.

6. Make sure they send you a rental contract and ensure the rental contract covers all the correct details company name registration numbers address of company

7. Do they have an operations office i.e. a land line telephone number that you can call during office hours, is this number displayed on their website

8. A good pointer is ask them for references of previous rentals most reputable rental operators will be able to provide you with references companies they have worked with previously going back more than 2 or 3 years this way you can establish they have been operating for a long period of time.

9. They can be very convincing so don't agree on anything quickly take your time to ask all the relevant questions and complete your investigation before signing any papers or paying any deposits

AES ACCOMMODATION LTD and AES EVENTS GROUP take this seriously as the SCAMMERS have an effect on reputable companies who operate with honesty and integrity.

 Need advise on visiting CANNES then ask AES non AES CLIENTS are welcome to free advise

Choosing the right Company is vital……..

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