First of all we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for using AES ACCOMMODATION and AES EVENTS GROUP

This section is to outline the obligation of paying the TAX DU SEJOUR

When renting a property in Cannes it is obligatory that in addition to the rental price you have a living tax, which is set by the MAIRIE DU CANNES, and as a private apartment the cost is calculated at

1.20 Euros per night per person

Example: 3 bedroom with 5 guests staying 6 nights would be calculated at 36.00 Euros


In general AES ACCOMMODATION RENT properties through our real estate agency partners who charge directly us for the amount and this is calculated from the rental contract and AES ACCOMMODATION pay this amount directly to the Real Estate Agency who then forward this over to the authorities each trimester in the form of " declaration en mairie des meubles de tourisme "

Where AES ACCOMMODATION LTD introduce client to private owners where the properties are managed by AES ACCOMMODATION LTD we provide the owner with the relevant form who is responsible for paying the TAX DU SEJOUR calculated from the rental contract

You as the client are responsible for paying the amount due however it's the responsibility of the Managing real estate agency or property owner to declare this to the local authorities each trimestral.

When renting a property your number of guests may not be identified at the time of paying the rental, however when we send the arrival form that is required to outline exact dates of stay and number of guests at this point your tax du sejour will be calculated and an invoice will be raised for this amount

It is important that AES ACCOMMODATION LTD and AES EVENTS GROUP respect this at all times and without the full payment of the tax du sejour prior to check in could effect your access to the property

We thank you for your understanding and support to CANNES VILLE and wish you a great stay in CANNES


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