To Give You A few Reasons Why You Can TRUST in us, we have outlined what we believe to be VALID reasons what do you think?

    Reason 1

    AES EVENTS GROUP is founded on an ethos of TRUST, yes that correct we have built our reputation and brand over the past 20 years because we put TRUST at the top of our agenda. We understand clearly as a company that customers and clients considering to work with a new company and invest financially are looking for a TRUSTED partner, a partner they can TRUST and have 100% confidence.

    Since 2000 AES EVENTS GROUP have and continue to work with some of the leading global brands around the world visiting Cannes for their industry event, including GOOGLE, TWITTER, DISNEY, FOX, IPG, MICROSOFT, MTV, LIVERAMP, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN and many more you can even visit our guest book to hear what some of our clients have to say about AES EVENTS GROUP….


Reason 2

In 2016 AES ACCOMMODATION & AES EVENTS GROUP became the first Cannes agency to become I-PRAC approved, I-PRAC is the global verification and trust certification for our industry, we completed a vigorous industry check and we became certified and approved by I-PRAC…

How does I-PRAC benefit you as our client, well any booking you make with AES EVENTS GROUP you can register your booking with I-PRAC and 100% guarantee your rental payments to us, This is the I-PRAC guarantee, because they don’t approve just any operator they only verify and approve trusted and professional operators of industry.
Our I-PRAC Logo & Certificate 

Reason 3

Our policies are crucial we design our contracts to be customer focused and our cancellation policies are designed to make booking and cancelling seamless, and to enforce this guarantee we are a member of TRUST MY TRAVEL.

TRUST MY TRAVEL provides our guests and clients the understanding that we are protected by a third party trust tool, to ensure that your cancellation and deposits are correctly managed to ensure you can book with confidence, AES ACCOMMODATION LTD & AES EVENTS GROUP a provider protected by: 

Reason 4

Our partnerships, since 2007 AES ACCOMMODATION and AES EVENTS GROUP have invested heavily in partnership programs, so we have a very strict partnership program so we only work with suppliers who can deliver the service we expect and provide the guarantees we need to ensure services are delivered on time and to the standards required We partner exclusively with:
. Design and Production Companies
. Airport Transportation and limousine service companies
. Yacht Charter Companies
. Catering Companies
. Health and safety regulated companies
As a professional Accommodation and Events company we have also secured official partnerships with the festival organizers including CANNES LIONS, REED MIDEM, FESTIVAL DU CANNES, where we are official accommodation and event service providers for the event organizers.
Event organizers do NOT partner easy with such companies so you can rest assured we are providing you a trusted and professional service.

Reason 5

We understand the corporate change of travel and constantly looking to improve our services and with this in mind AES ACCOMMODATION and AES EVENTS GROUP are members of the ASAP the global ACCREDITAION for professional standard, where we look to improve our understanding of health & safety requirements to ensure all our properties and venues are up to standard when it comes to guest safety.

We also take mental health of our guests very seriously as we understand travelling away from home for work can be challenging and we 100% support the mental health of our guests, and we provide a support pack within our properties to allow guests to reach out to our partner BETTER HELP

Visit BETTER HELP to understand the service and our partnership to help our guests,  TRUST is at the heart of our company and our ethos, so its important to us that you feel comfortable that you are working with a TRUSTED and PROFESSIONAL Accommodation & Events provider.
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